Lord Brennan of Farstead


Forty-three years old, Lord Brennan is of medium height, with sandy hair, hazel eyes, and a fairly athletic build. He enjoys riding and falconry, but with the troubles of late has had precious little time for recreation.

  • Veteran fighter (6)
  • Protector of his people (6)
  • Dominion Administrator (6)
  • Trade diplomat (6)
  • Horseman (3)
  • Falconer (3)
  • Shrewd judge of character (1)

Lord Brennan is the third generation of his family to rule the Dominion of Farstead. Farstead Manor, where Brennan lives and conducts daily business, is the very structure built by his grandfather 75 years ago. Lord Brennan was an adventurer until he inherited his title a decade ago, upon his father’s death. Because he spent so much time travelling and fighting, and so little learning to rule and be an administrator, Brennan has relied heavily on his staff – especially Lucan, his seneschal and most trusted advisor. Lord Brennan himself is most involved in diplomatic matters, dealing with neighbouring nobles and dominions and the Councils in Darokin. He also is involved in long-term plans to bring more trade into his lands. He hopes to make Farstead an exporter of lumber, since it has much forested land. Cutting of trees on a large scale was beginning a couple of years ago, but has slacked off in the course of Farstead’s economic depression.

Lord Brennan of Farstead

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