There is neither a beginning nor an end, say the Fey. There are only cycles, the eternal waxing and waning of everything in the universe – like the moon. And so if you were to ask them their history, inquire from whence they came, they would not start by saying, “In the beginning,” as you humans are wont to do. Instead you would hear, “Once upon a time…” ~~ Olyrrhoe (Sage, Tutor, Prophet, Centaur)

This is an attempt to create a series of adventures that allow players and GM to draw on the massive resources available through the d20 SRD but also have them utilise the swift and simple role-playing mechanics of Risus (borrowing heavily on the Risus variant Dungeonautica).

Tales for a Winter Night
  1. The Lost Seneschal, a tale from Darokin in the Known World
  2. The Palace of the Silver Princess, a tale from Karameikos in the Known World

Risus Fantasy